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Traveler Ceylon known as a budget tour operator & travel agent in Sri Lanka. We are well known name in Sri Lanka inbound tourism industry.

Our mission is to assist you with travel solutions and provide customer service that will make your trip a memorable one. We recognize that travel budgets have become more strained today, and we are dedicated to offering you high value private vehicle fares without compromising of service.



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Anyone can dream a great vacation. But it can be hard to make it happen unless you hand it to a specialist local who is really providing a hand crafted tour just for you. Most travel agents are trying to push their highest income earning destinations and hotels while we are focusing on your interests only!
At Traveler Ceylon, we carefully select the most perfect and heart taking destinations, activities, food styles, accommodations and much more to find the perfect Sri Lankan tour for you.

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Why we love traveler Ceylon tours

There's no easy way to say it: unless you are traveling with us. You simply won't get the depth of experience - the wisest guides, the closest wilderness encounters, the real people and events - that spell the difference between a regular package tour and a sublime, once-in-a-lifetime vacation. But don't take our word for it. Among the other tour operators in Sri Lanka, we are unique. Listen to our travelers.

by Amanda and Friends from Australia 

Wonderful Girls trip to Sri Lanka

by Corine and Uppsala University Science crew from Sweden 

Sublime tour to Asia!

by Michael Parsons and Michelle from UK 

This was a wonderfully organized tour..

Only the best of everything

Traveler Ceylon is naturally head of the class when it comes to Sri Lankan family tours, vacation tours, beach tours, cultural tours, Safari
and adventure tours because we do more homework than anyone else to provide you the best services and destinations according to
your budget. Our partners are carefully selected by us to provide you beyond the normal service as you will give them top
grades for their hard work and creativity.

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